Representations & Partnerships


Bridge visits, non-destructive testing, wharves, bridges, water intakes, reservoirs, port, dams and turbines are elements we know very well. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about the viability or repair of this type of structure.
Our partners and associated organizations have specific domain expertise and years of experience in the underwater world, which allows us to expand our services while maintaining the values of the ULIS group.


Specialist of cathodic protection


Pontoon and marina equipment


Manufacture of nautical accessories

TPP Technic Plongée Pro
( agréé Lloyd’s)

  • Sale of professional diving equipment and leisure.
  • Approved maintenance of equipment.
  • High pressure service.
  • Calibration test bench.
  • Brand representative: Bauer, Aqualung,   Beuchat and Aeroflex.


SOVEREIGN GLOBAL, the Sovereign Global Group (SG) is the first private European operator to assist states in carrying out their land and maritime sovereignty missions. Sovereign Global is a French-owned group with offices in Paris, London, Geneva, Malta, Dubai, Djibouti and Nairobi.

AQUAGO is a team of professionals providing management and restoration solutions in aquatic environments. With more than 15 years of experience in water bodies around the world, the AQUAGO team helps you select the most effective solutions based on the problems encountered and implement them in the field.

AQUALOG AQUALOG is an Aquaculture Consulting Office, specializing in the design of aquaculture farms, hatcheries and public Aquariums.

SCAMP,For more than 50 years, we have been providing cost-effective solutions to the shipping industry to save bunker fuels and optimize the operational performance of ships. Thanks to our size and structure, we are ideally placed to facing the most complex projects. With a vast network of associates, we are committed to providing the best possible service.

CREOCEAN, proposes its multidisciplinary expertise, in France and internationally, to better understand the coastal and offshore marine environments. Former subsidiary of the IFREMER application, Créocéan is closely linked to scientific circles (CNRS, Universities, Engineering Schools ...), and pursues its research and technological innovation efforts.

GEOLAB, Georeferenced and scaled photogrammetric modeling of seabed, submerged structures (wrecks, accropods, bridge piers ...) or coral reefs ... Site monitoring, study of coral dynamics, quantification of sand deposits , identification of structural deformations ...

ETAFAT, est une société Marocaine innovante et créatrice de valeurs ajoutées en acquisition et en traitement de l’information géo spatiale, spécialisée dans les technologies novatrices de la géomatique. ETAFAT fournit à ses clients des solutions cartographiques, issues de technologies de mesures terrestres, aériennes et hydrographiques à haut rendement.

SOS VERTIGE, is the only company fully specialized in difficult access works in Morocco. Qualified as "acrobatic workers", "rope workers" or "rope technicians", these specialists working at height or very high, confined work or difficult to access, can drastically reduce accidents.

“What we risk reveals what we are worth.”